Kangol has taken great care to develop hats that cater to the fashion preferences of women. Kangol Bombins, Cloches, Wide Brim Hats, and Sirens are incredibly beautiful shapes that offer unbelievable style and grace. We also design Players, Trilbies, Caps, and Berets in ways that allow women to get a slightly masculine look while still retaining an air of feminine refinement. Browse through these incredible women's hats and find the perfect Kangol headwear to top off your wardrobe!


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  1. Kangol Gift Card
    Kangol Gift Card
    From €21.92
  2. LiteFelt® Bolt Trilby
    LiteFelt® Bolt Trilby
  3. LiteFelt® Adj Spacecap
    LiteFelt® Adj Spacecap
  4. Massive Trapper
    Massive Trapper
  5. Leopard Trapper
    Leopard Trapper
  6. 80th Anniversary Wool MONTY™
    80th Anniversary Wool MONTY™
  7. Snakeskin Mixed Beanie
    Snakeskin Mixed Beanie
  8. Rock Art Rev Beanie
    Rock Art Rev Beanie
  9. Rock Art Lahinch
    Rock Art Lahinch
  10. Jersey Club Bell
    Jersey Club Bell