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  1. Furgora Bucket - Black/S
    Furgora Bucket
    Starting at €73.00
  2. Furgora Headband - Black/1SFM
    Furgora Headband
    Starting at €50.00
  3. Kangol Furgora Casual - Scarlet
    Furgora Casual
    Starting at €79.00
  4. Kangol Furgora 504 - Scarlet
    Furgora 504 Cap
    Starting at €73.00
  5. Furgora Skull Cap - Cream/1SFM
    Furgora Skull Cap
    Starting at €63.00
  6. Furgora Links - Black/S
    Furgora Links
    Starting at €75.00

6 Items

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Furgora® is original to Kangol since the beginning, K(nit), ANG(ora), wo(OL). Kangol's proprietary version of Angora is fuller and richer than others on the market. Furgora® is a stylish blend of angora and synthetic materials, giving you the look and feel of real fur without the real fur price tag. Shop our Furgora® collection today!