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Faux Fur

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  1. Faux-Shearling-Utility-Flap-Cap
    Faux Shearling Utility Flap Cap
    Regular Price €80.00 Starting at €60.00
  2. Kangol Faux Shearling Utility Bucket
    Faux Shearling Utility Bucket
    Regular Price €80.00 Starting at €60.00
  3. Kangol Grey Herringbone
    Faux Fur Bucket
    Regular Price €65.00 Starting at €60.00
  4. Faux Fur Beret
    Faux Fur Beret
    Regular Price €70.00 Starting at €52.50
  5. Leopard Trapper
    Leopard Trapper
    Starting at €80.00
  6. Wool Aviator
    Wool Aviator
    Starting at €75.00
  7. Hats - Black
    Faux Fur Casual
    Regular Price €70.00 Starting at €52.50
  8. Wool Ushanka
    Wool Ushanka
    Regular Price €80.00 Starting at €59.50

8 Items

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 Faux Fur | Kangol

Shop our collection of faux fur hats in Kangol’s ever-popular and super-soft fabric that never goes out of style. If you’re looking for extra warmth during winter and a fun and trendy look at the same time, we have different headwear styles to satisfy every fashion taste. Kangol faux-fur headwear is timeless and will keep you effortlessly warm. 

 Get Your Favorite Winter-Time Accessory

Kangol fuzzy hats are available in trendy colors, prints, designs, and new silhouettes so that you can find the perfect accessory for your wardrobe. Our iconic Kangol hats feature a little touch of the 90s vibes for that unmistakable casual style. Kangol faux fur hats are also designed to pack completely flat for easy on-the-go travel. Get a hat that’s sure to keep you toasty warm all day. 

We have casual bucket hats, ushanka hats, beret hats, trapper hats, and aviator hats designed to complete your look no matter your fashion style. Our Kangol hats are a truly stunning show of craftsmanship and durable construction. If you want to add something new to your winter-wear style, get started with our selection of ultra-plush faux fur hats. 

Order Winter Hats Online

Whether you want to transform your wardrobe with a curated hat collection, or simply add some warm wear accessories to your outdoor outfits, we have what you need. Get started with our classic-style Kangol Faux Fur for cold weather. Our faux-fur hats come with a luxuriously soft hand feel and are incredibly warm and comfortable to wear, even in the frigid air. 

Order your Kangol faux fur hats online now.