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Faux Fur

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  1. Kangol Grey Herringbone
    Faux Fur Bucket
    Regular Price €65.00 Starting at €56.25
  2. Faux Fur Beret
    Faux Fur Beret
    Starting at €55.00
  3. Alternate View
    Faux Fur Trapper
    Starting at €87.00
  4. Leopard Trapper
    Leopard Trapper
    Starting at €80.00
  5. Wool Aviator
    Wool Aviator
    Starting at €75.00
  6. Faux Fur Casual
    Faux Fur Casual
    Starting at €70.00
  7. Wool Ushanka
    Wool Ushanka
    Starting at €80.00

7 Items

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Kangol's ever-popular Faux Fur never goes out of style. Available in prints, trendy colors, and new silhouettes, shop our collection of Faux Fur hats today!