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  1. Kangol Mykonos Blue
    Plaid Mash-Up Bucket
    Starting at €50.00
  2. Kangol Navy
    Utility Cords Jungle Hat
    Starting at €59.00
  3. Tech Flexfit Cap
    Tech Flexfit Cap
    Starting at €53.00
  4. Kangol Navy
    Rain Casual
    Starting at €83.00
  5. Pattern Flexfit Cap
    Pattern Flexfit Cap
    Regular Price €65.52 Starting at €31.50
  6. Kangol Electric Pink
    Washed Bucket Hat
    Regular Price €66.36 Starting at €31.50
  7. Kangol Fanfare
    Cord Hawker
    Regular Price €66.36 Starting at €48.00
  8. Blue Tint
    Washed Baseball
    Regular Price €57.96 Starting at €24.50
  9. Kangol Light Grey
    Cotton Bucket
    Starting at €55.00
  10. Denim Baseball Cap
    Denim Baseball Cap
    Regular Price €49.00 Starting at €32.25
  11. Kangol Mykonos Blue
    Stripe Lahinch
    Regular Price €55.00 Starting at €37.50
  12. Denim Flexfit Army Cap
    Denim Flexfit Army Cap
    Starting at €49.00

Items 1-12 of 31

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Set Descending Direction

Probably the most versatile fabric for garments, cotton is still an important part of our hat collections. We use cotton in styles like baseball caps, army caps, and ivy caps. It's a wonderful trans-seasonal fabric that is both affordable and breathable.