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  1. Bermuda Stripe Headband
    Bermuda Stripe Headband
    Starting at €39.00
  2. Kangol Bermuda Stripe Bucket - Black
    Bermuda Stripe Bucket
    Starting at €51.00
  3. Bermuda Casual
    Bermuda Casual
    Regular Price €70.00 Starting at €51.00
  4. Kangol Bermuda Bucket Hat - Black
    Bermuda Bucket Hat
    Starting at €47.25
  5. Bermuda 504
    Bermuda 504
    Starting at €55.00

5 Items

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Bermuda is a favorite warm-weather material that we've been building hats with for many years. This acrylic, nylon, and chlorofibre blend is soft, supple, and super comfortable.