Whether you need protection from the sun,wind, or rain, we have a brimmed hat that will meet your criteria. We use high-quality photography and detailed descriptions to ensure that you know exactly what kind of brim you're going to get.


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  1. Wool Bombin
    Wool Bombin
  2. Wool Mowbray
    Wool Mowbray
  3. LiteFelt® Hiro Trilby
    LiteFelt® Hiro Trilby
  4. LiteFelt® Player
    LiteFelt® Player
  5. Wool Arnold
    Wool Arnold
  6. LiteFelt® Pork Pie
    LiteFelt® Pork Pie
  7. Barclay Trilby
    Barclay Trilby
  8. Furgora Casual
    Furgora Casual
  9. Wool Player
    Wool Player