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Kangol was born in England but raised on the streets of New York in the 80's. To stay true to our roots, Kangol is proud to say we offer hats that are still made in England and the United States. These US hats are crafted by hand with traditional methods that simply can't be replaced by large machines and mass production. Kangol focuses on taking that old-school mentality and combining it with fresh new design elements. This strategy, a quintessentially American blending of cultures and ideas, is very evident in our USA Collection.

All of these hats are made in the US, although some contain globally sourced materials. Please reference each product page to learn more about the exact circumstances in which the hat was manufactured.

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    Vented Straw Mau
  2. USA Stud Player
    USA Stud Player
  3. Buckle Boater
    Buckle Boater
  4. LiteFelt® Hiro Trilby
    LiteFelt® Hiro Trilby
  5. LiteFelt® Pork Pie
    LiteFelt® Pork Pie
  6. LiteFelt® Player
    LiteFelt® Player
  7. Barclay Trilby
    Barclay Trilby
  8. Staple Pork Pie
    Staple Pork Pie
  9. LiteFelt® Blanket Saxon
    LiteFelt® Blanket Saxon
  10. LiteFelt® Blanket Barclay Trilby
    LiteFelt® Blanket Barclay Trilby
  11. USA Tropic 504 Ventair
    USA Tropic 504 Ventair