Kangol understands that hats and caps are an important part of getting a cool, athletic look. Whether you're actually playing a sport, or just cheering from the sidelines, Kangol has you covered. Using either adjustable snapbacks, leather straps, or Flexfit technology, these caps provide a comfortable fit that's perfect for sports-lovers. Of course, they're also made from flexible materials like polyester and cotton that work well under the stress of vigorous exercise and athletic competiton. Kangol even has the Championship Series designed with team colors that allow fans to show their pride while maintaining a fashionable image.


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  1. Dual Stripe Beanie
    Dual Stripe Beanie
  2. Cotton Bucket
    Cotton Bucket
  3. Denim Baseball Cap
    Denim Baseball Cap
  4. Stripe Lahinch
    Stripe Lahinch
  5. Main Image
    Wool Flexfit Baseball
  6. Denim Flexfit Army Cap
    Denim Flexfit Army Cap
  7. 3D Wool Flexfit Baseball
    3D Wool Flexfit Baseball
  8. Cotton Twill Army Cap
    Cotton Twill Army Cap
  9. Championship Army Cap
    Championship Army Cap
  10. Main Image
    Ripstop Flexfit 504
  11. Main Image
    Wool Flexfit 504
  12. Ripstop Army Cap
    Ripstop Army Cap