Whether it’s the materials they are constructed with, their functionality, or their aesthetic design, you'll find that each collection has hats with special, unique traits. Kangol separates its seasonal lines by different collections in their catalogue, showing off the excellent variety of headwear that we are proud to offer. Kangol is also passionate about reaching a variety of different audiences, so we're open to different design approaches. Take the time to look at each collection and see why Kangol is still at the top of the headwear game after 75 years!


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  1. Pattern 8 Panel Cap
    Pattern 8 Panel Cap
  2. Bermuda Stripe Bucket
    Bermuda Stripe Bucket
  3. Wicker Pork Pie
    Wicker Pork Pie
  4. Washed Cap
    Washed Cap
  5. Washed Army Cap
    Washed Army Cap
  6. Tropic Rib 507
    Tropic Rib 507
  7. Argyle Stripe 504
    Argyle Stripe 504
  8. Tropic Halifax
    Tropic Halifax
  9. Tropic Bin
    Tropic Bin
  10. Explicit Baseball
    Explicit Baseball
  11. Mesh Stripe 504
    Mesh Stripe 504
  12. Bermuda Stripe Beret
    Bermuda Stripe Beret