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Bamboo yarn is a soft handle, environmentally friendly yarn that Kangol uses in headwear and it has become an understated but chic staple in the range.


Bermuda is Kangol's proprietary boucle yarn. It is not terry cloth, Bermuda is knitted, and treated with special processes before it is blocked. This gives Bermuda the soft and rich handfeel that has been a staple of the range for decades.


The form or shape that a hat or cap is made on. The block is made traditionally of wood or metal. The process of blocking generally includes exposing the hat's material to heat and steam while on the block, and a heat sensitive component sets the material to the block shape.


Part of the hat that encircles the entire crown, which functions as rain or sun protection. A brim is measured by width from the crown.


Upper part of hat or cap that encloses the wearer's head.


Band connecting to and/or extending from the crown of a cap. Fillets are used on the Spitfire Cap, Enfield, and a few other Kangol styles.


Knitting term describing a fine quality finish that is joined by knit rather than a stitched seam.


A material original to Kangol since the beginning, K(nit), ANG(ora), wo(OL). Kangol's proprietary version of Angora is fuller and richer than others on the market.

Neo Tweed

Tweeds and Tartans are an important part of Kangol heritage. Custom fine Italian woven fabrics and modern shapes are the basis for the Neo Tweed. Neo Tweeds are contemporary interpretations of the traditional woven styles for which Kangol has been known.


Kangol term for visor or bill on front of cap.


Kangol's term for a knitted toque, or beanie.


Center of crown inside a hat or cap.


Traditional polyester blend, warm weather yarn that has been a staple in the collection since the late 1950's.

Tropic Marl

created by mixing colors through different feeders, the Tropic Marl utilizes a new side-fashioned construction.


Tweeds and Tartans have always been integral to Kangol's heritage. Fine Italian fabrics and craftsmanship are employed to offer the finest quality in cut and sewn headwear.