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Extended Sizes (XXL)

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  1. Main Image
    Tropic Player
    Starting at €78.00
  2. Wool 504 Earflap
    Wool 504 Earflap
    Starting at €80.00
  3. Kangol - Granada Blue
    Wool Flexfit Baseball
    Regular Price €59.00 Starting at €30.00
  4. Kangol - Starry Blue
    Tropic Casual
    Regular Price €83.00 Starting at €56.25
  5. Kangol - Turf Green
    Bermuda Bucket
    Regular Price €75.00 Starting at €60.00
  6. Kangol - Ocean
    Tie Dye Bucket
    Regular Price €71.00 Starting at €45.00
  7. Hats - Beige
    Utility Cords Jungle Hat
    Starting at €77.00
  8. Wool Player
    Wool Player
    Starting at €85.00
  9. Kangol - Marine Teal
    Wool Spitfire
    Regular Price €70.00 Starting at €45.50
  10. Kangol - Starry Blue
    Cotton Twill Army Cap
    Starting at €59.00
  11. Kangol - Starry Blue
    Bermuda Casual
    Regular Price €85.00 Starting at €63.75
  12. Kangol - Mahogany
    Tropic 507
    Starting at €80.00
  13. Kangol - Cranberry
    Wool 504
    Regular Price €61.00 Starting at €39.65
  14. Kangol - Turf Green
    Tropic 504 Ventair
    Regular Price €62.00 Starting at €37.50
  15. Kangol - Turf Green
    Stripe Lahinch
    Regular Price €70.00 Starting at €45.00
  16. Kangol - Mahogany
    Tropic 507 Ventair
    Regular Price €62.00 Starting at €37.50
  17. Kangol - Mahogany
    Bamboo Hawker
    Regular Price €82.00 Starting at €56.25
  18. Kangol - Starry Blue
    Washed Bucket Hat
    Regular Price €60.00 Starting at €32.50
  19. LiteFelt® Pork Pie
    LiteFelt® Pork Pie
    Regular Price €159.00 Starting at €125.00
  20. Kangol - Mahogany
    Bamboo 507
    Regular Price €75.00 Starting at €52.50
  21. Kangol - Moonstruck
    Tropic Spitfire
    Regular Price €70.00 Starting at €45.00
  22. Kangol- Turf Green
    Tropic Ventair Spacecap
    Starting at €59.00
  23. Kangol - Moonstruck
    Wool 507
    Starting at €85.00
  24. Monty® Wool Beret
    Monty® Wool Beret
    Starting at €69.00

Items 1-24 of 27

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Step Out in Style with Our XXL and Larger Hats

Can’t find a hat that fits your head comfortably? Our hats for extra-large heads, ranging in size from XXL, will be the perfect match for you. Rock the Washed Bucket Hat for those cool summer vibes. Or, throw on a Pork Pie for that iconic old-school blend of modern style and traditional fashion. With materials like wool, cotton, and everything in between, these extended-size hats are made just for you.

Hats for Anyone and Everyone

Start looking and feeling fresh on a whole new level with our high-quality hats. From smaller hats to hats for extra-large heads, these beauties are available in a diverse selection of styles. That means you can easily find a hat to suit your personality.

In addition to offering iconic hats at Kangol, we provide a level of hat expertise that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. We’re committed to educating you on how to find the right hat for your profile as well as care for it long term.

Convenient Shipping — Always

When you shop our collection, get ready to rock a whole new style when you hit the streets — one that truly stands out.

We pride ourselves on our fast shipping. Most hat orders are sent out within two business days of an order being placed. Shipping is free in the continental United States, and we offer international shipping as well. We also offer a generous return policy: Items may be returned within 60 days of shipping. Order your favorite hat today!


  1. For XXL hats, which style is the most in demand?

The bucket hat is one of the most popular hats for larger heads. With the latest bucket hat trend, you’ll see many individuals sporting these hats during outdoor activities, like hiking, at the beach, and at festivals.

  1. Who is the army cap best suited for?

Consider the army cap if you’re looking for a fitted cap that offers plenty of sun protection and will match your outdoor- or military-style outfits. A level up from a baseball or spacecap.